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Sorry guys, I cannot upload videos because my editing software messed up. Help me and cooperate with me by adding me on PLURK!! click the link below:


if you don’t have account, pls sign up!
YOUR COOPERATION IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED! For more info, watch the video below. .



Hi Kids, are you still playing this motherf*cking online game called CLUB PENGUIN? Your game must fuck its kiddie players! You penguins are so idiot! You waste your fucking money for buying a goddamn membership. OH! you guys get a life!! BE MATURE! RISE UP! Club Penguin is only tricking your minds! Why don’t you sign up on FACEBOOK and play some interesting games like FARMVILLE, PET SOCIETY or CHATTING w/ FRIENDS! Anyways, I’m just saying the truth! CLUB PENGUIN IS JUST FOR KIDS! You have to prove you’re mature. .LOSER PENGUINS!!! 😛


Farewell Club Penguin World!

Hey guys,

I’ve check Club Penguin tonight and my stats I’m getting late posting this website. I’m sorry guys but I’m quitting Club Penguin right now. I missed alot because of my vacation this summer. I’m busy training almost half a day and I’m very tired. For the moderators and workers of this site, I will not assign anymore, so don’t ask. Sorry I’m not going back anymore. One more thing, I will not give my username and pass to anyone!

These are more reasons why I’m quitting:

  • I don’t enjoy playing Club Penguin anymore in past weeks
  • It doesn’t benefit me blogging about CP
  • Club Penguin is not right on my age
  • I enjoy playing game consoles than Club Penguin

With a total of 264,000 hits, thank you for supporting my Club Penguin site through the years.

Goodbye Club Penguin World!

~Icecold41 (lebron229)

New June 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

The June 2009 Penguin Style Catalog is here. Check out the new cover released by Club Penguin.

penguin style cheats

For the first secret, go to the 3rd page, click on the rock on the left for the canteen.


For the crystal staff cheat, go to the 5th page of the catalog. Click on the shadow on the left.

crystal staff

For the woodsman hat, click on the right window on the same page.

woodmans hat

For the blue dragon costume, click on the dragon shadow.

blue dragon costume

For the black graduation cap, click on the cup.

black graduation cap

For the blue and red viking helmet, click on the light square.

red viking helmet

To find the Blue one, open and close the red viking helmet.

blue viking helmet

The canteen cheats is cool, Isn’t it? Sorry for later post, I’m excited for summer! Are you excited?

– Icecold41, Lebron229 Club Penguin Cheats Site Owner

LA Lakers vs. Orlando Magic NBA Finals Game! Who is your bet?

NBA Finals Game 1 will be tomorrow. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic? Who do you think will win the championship? Select your vote below.

If Lakers will win the championship, I will build a mini party! What a great match-up! Pau Gasol vs. Dwight Howard! Make sure to watch the NBA Finals on your TV. Los Angeles Lakers is my favorite team! What NBA team is your favorite?

Club Penguin Kurt Angle Spotted!

Have you met one of Club Penguin beta testers? Kurt Angle is one of the beta testers which they got the beta hat (the rarest item of Club Penguin). I’ve met him yesterday on Sleet at the Dock.

beta tester kurt angle

kurt angle

I tried to add him but unfortunately his friend list are full. I am planning to make a beta tester tracker. It is hard to make, it may take months to be finished. I’m not yet sure for the tracker.

Icecold41’s Mini Party Rocked!

Though I didn’t said that there will be a mini party on my Twitter, the people surprised me when I’ve got to Iceberg many penguins go near me. They always say “ice” for Icecold!


I can’t log on Club Penguin page. I used Penguin Storm 6.1 for a while. I’m not hacking Club Penguin.

It is like an iceberg-tipping party. Are you coming to the next party, which will be on June 6?